Caribou Snow School


Gain confidence, increase skills, and see more of the mountains with the Caribou Snow School.

• Private Instruction and Transportation
• Level 3 and 4 Certified Instructors
• Lift Line Priority

Reserve your private instructor with the Caribou Snow School by emailing:

Each semi-private lesson can include up to 5 people, and are available for ages 10 and up.

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow.

Caribou Snow School

Private/Semi-Private Instruction Price Guide

Rates listed are for the 2013/14 Season.

Half Days
One Half Day (3 Hours) $419.00 + GST
Three Half Days (9 Hours) $1,194.15 + GST
Five Half Days (15 Hours) $1,855.50 + GST
Full Days
One Full Day (6 Hours) $619.00 + GST
Three Full Days (18 Hours) $1,764.15 + GST
Five Full Days (30 Hours) $2,785.15 + GST